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About Blue Mondays

Chefs Wilson and Alicia

Although by our sweat we must eat our bread, at Blue Mondays we believe food is a creative celebration. Blue Mondays is a collection of recipes, stories, photos, and smiles; it is the stuff of life. Welcome and enjoy!

We are two college students living in Maine who love to prepare, cook, eat, and discuss food. For us, food is a way of life, and we always seek an innovative approach to our recipes. Our interests vary, but they are always delicious and usually simply made. Eating well does not have to be difficult or expensive, and should be fun.

Thank you for visiting Blue Mondays, I hope you enjoy our recipes, photos, and stories!

And many thanks to the generosity of my roommate (and culinary pioneer in his own right) Will Albuquerque, whose elegant plates grace nearly every photo at Blue Mondays.


Wilson and Alicia

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